Laila Tara H (b.1995, London) is an Iranian-British artist with a specialty in contemporary Indo-Persian miniature painting based between Tehran and London. 


Raised across the world, she paints largely autobiographical reflections of a life navigating cultures. Using traditional methods from both East and West in a contemporary context, symbolism seeps through the imagery and into her means of making. Drawing inspiration from the rich history of miniature painting across the Middle East and South Asia while keeping a foot in simplicity and minimalism. Big empty spaces, small intricately detailed additions, telling stories.




Nourishment Projects, V.O Curations Gallery, London

So Good So Close, Numeroventi, Florence

Art for Light International Auction

Dance First Think Later, General Practice Gallery, Lincoln

To All Our Absent Dialogues, Warbling Collective, 145a Gallery, London


Royal Miniature Society, Mall Galleries, London

Carpet Pages II:Roots Group Show, Mile End Pavilion, London

The Prince's School of Traditional Arts MA Degree show, London

Dumfries House Royal MA private exhibition, Scotland

The Drunken Butler, London

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